Too many people have the wrong impression of church.  They believe that it is part of the “ends” rather than the “means.”  We at WinCC recognize that if we are to follow Jesus, the church must do as the Bible says and walk as He did.  Jesus didn’t come to earth to “do church”; He came to earth to change the world by making disciples—followers of Him.  That is why WinCC recognizes that, just like Jesus, we are called to SHARE the Gospel—the Good News that we can only be saved from our sin through Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection, and by having a personal relationship with Him.  We are committed to SHAPING the followers of Jesus—encouraging everyone who is walking with Jesus to grow more grounded and mature in their faith every day of their lives.  And, we have the commission to SEND these followers out—to make a difference in the community and around the world, sharing the Gospel with others as well.